Mike Brown







Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Canton, GA


2015 Iowa Duck Stamp Winner
2014 Ohio Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
2013 Iowa Duck Stamp Winner
2013 Hawaii Game Bird Stamp Winner
2013 Iowa DU Sponsor Print Winner
2013 Texas Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist of the Year
2013 Alaska Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist of the Year
2012 Ohio Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist of the Year
2012 Ducks Unlimited Maryland Artist of the Year
2011 Massachusetts Primitive Firearms Stamp Winner
2011 Iowa Ducks Unlimited People’s Choice Award
2011 Ohio Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year

Mike Brown is an internationally recognized wildlife and landscape artist, who has received numerous awards for his realistic depictions of wildlife. Through his artwork Mike Brown supports a multitude of conservation projects.

Entirely self-taught, Mike Brown grew up in Georgia/USA. Often his ideas for painting are inspired by memories of those bygone days. While extensive travels around the globe provided an abundance of inspiration for Mike Brown’s artistic creations, his profoundest influences remain his love for animals and the splendor of the scenery that surrounds him.

Currently residing in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Mike Brown`s Cherokee Indian heritage infuses his paintings with reverence for every form of life. In a masterful level of photo-realism, his tranquil landscapes capture the harmony between humans and nature or serve as backgrounds for intrinsically detailed wildlife portraits that fascinate and amaze the observer.

Mike Brown’s paintings can be found in many collections, among them the Georgia Governor’s mansion. Furthermore in 1984 his artwork has been published in the book “Georgia - A State of Beauty”, depicting some of the most charming and unique places of the “Old South”.

After founding and running a successful 3D-visualization company for almost two decades, Mike Brown returned to his easel in 2009 and began entering and winning many renowned national and international wildlife art competitions.

“The ability to preserve the beauty of all living things in nature’s never-ending circle of life through this precious gift of artistic talent is humbling in regards to the abundance of awe-inspiring creations by Mother Earth.” Mike Brown


Pappy by Mike Brown


The Watchman by Mike Brown


Elegance by Mike Brown


Black Cap Chickadee by Mike Brown


Black Cap Chickadee by Mike Brown


The Perfect Match by Mike Brown


Indigo Bunting by Mike Brown


Carolina Wren by Mike Brown


Double Trouble by Mike Brown


Baltimore Oriole by Mike Brown


Scarlet by Mike Brown


Common Kingfisher by Mike Brown


Water Ballet by Mike Brown


Ole Blue Eyes by Mike Brown


Roseate Spoonbill by Mike Brown


Blue Heron by Mike Brown


Disagreement by Mike Brown


Strutting by Mike Brown


Shades of Blue by Mike Brown


Spring Splendor by Mike Brown


Yellow-headed Black Bird by Mike Brown


Eastern Bluebird by Mike Brown


American Goldfinch by Mike Brown


Sounds of Spring by Mike Brown


Greetings My Friend by Mike Brown


So Be It by Mike Brown


Spring's Return by Mike Brown


A Wonderful Day by Mike Brown


Sounds of Silence by Mike Brown


Intracoastal Glimmer by Mike Brown


Fall Solitude by Mike Brown


Better Days by Mike Brown


Summertime by Mike Brown


Snow Spectacle by Mike Brown


Gathering at Sunrise by Mike Brown


Nature's Entanglement by Mike Brown


The Locals by Mike Brown


December Solitude by Mike Brown


Dawns Early Light by Mike Brown


Winter Calm by Mike Brown


Legacy by Mike Brown


Dissolving Time by Mike Brown


The Awakening by Mike Brown


A New Dawn by Mike Brown


Living on the Edge by Mike Brown


Etowah Drifters by Mike Brown


Red-winged Black Bird by Mike Brown


Mirror to the Soul by Mike Brown